Devoted FBI Agent McKenzie “Max” De Ridder has recently lost her mother, who was her very best friend and greatest champion. In the wake of grief, McKenzie’s behavior has become erratic and she soon finds herself suspended. McKenzie takes an “off the books” case that sends her to a remote part of the state to protect controversial, wickedly charming Republican Senator Vivienne Pinchot.

Senator Pinchot, angry and self-righteous, is met with an equally unenthusiastic McKenzie. Vivienne’s insecurity and craving for power have kept her at the top of the pack throughout her career, but now her demons and alcoholic tendencies are starting to tear her down.

Soon after McKenzie arrives in town she meets Freddie, a young special needs boy with Fanconi Anemia. He spends his wheelchair-bound days whizzing around the streets of the small town of Riverdale. Thanks to Freddie’s humor and savant-like wisdom, the unlikely duo soon strike up a deep friendship. McKenzie cannot believe how wise and witty Freddie is, and how unaffected he is by the reality of his condition. McKenzie forms a strong bond with the child, and in an unexpected turn of events, Freddie’s mother Diana is mesmerized watching McKenzie with her son. The somewhat confused mother is also deeply concerned about how close Freddie has grown to the stranger – and when she catches the FBI agent in a lie, she and her son pull away.

When the Senator’s daughter, Sasha, makes a surprise visit to the small town, relationships and loyalties are tested before many secrets are exposed. As truths reveal themselves, each woman traverses the intricate minefields of love, pain and anguish that make up the mother/daughter relationship. In the end, the extraordinary young “teacher” Freddie helps these four strong women find connection, answers and the unconditional love they have each been looking for.